Statistics workshop

A quick note here to say that I shall be helping my PhD supervisor, Luc Bussière, teach a week-long workshop entitled ‘Advancing in R’ at the SCENE field station (on the bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond) in December. The course is aimed at biologists who have a basic to moderate knowledge of using R for statistics programming, and is designed to bridge the gap between basic R coding and advanced statistical modelling. Here is a list of the modules to be covered during the week:

Module 1: Introduction & data visualization using (graphics) and (ggplot2)
Module 2: Univariate regression, diagnostics & plotting fits
Module 3: Adding additional continuous predictors (multiple regression); scaling & collinearity
Module 4: Adding factorial (categorical) predictors & incorporating interactions (ANCOVA)
Module 5: Model selection & simplification (likelihood ratio tests, AIC)
Module 6: Mixed effects models in theory & practice
Module 7: Generalised Linear Models (binomial and count data)
Module 8: Nonlinear models (polynomial & mechanistic models)
Module 9: Combining methods (e.g., nonlinear mixed effect (NLME) models & generalised linear mixed effect (GLMM) models)
Module 10: One-on-one consultations/other advanced topics

Full details of the course can be found at the PR~Statistics site.

We are also open to running the course at different locations in the future; please contact myself or Luc to discuss options.


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