I am a keen wildlife photographer, and specialise in macro photography – meaning that insects and spiders tend to be my favourite subjects. I like to capture behaviour in the wild, but am also available to photograph lab study organisms; for example, the below picture shows the life cycle of Nicrophorus burying beetles, taken in the lab of Dr. Rebecca Kilner at the University of Cambridge. If you are interested in having me photograph your system, or ordering prints of any photos, please email me.

Nicrophorus_cycle_smallBelow is a selection of my photographs, and you can find more at my 500px or flickr pages. My photos have received commendations and shortlisting in competitions including the National Insect Week Photography Competition and the Scottish Seabird Centre Photography Awards, and have even graced the album cover for Fresh Eyes for the Dead Guy! I have also provided photographs to illustrate scientific publications in the American Naturalist and Current Biology, popular coverage of a scientific publication for the BTO, and for international weekly newspaper The Economist.

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Evolution // Behaviour // Life History

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