Best pics of 2013

I should really write a little note for each of these, but I have a thesis to write… so, maybe I’ll come back to this post in March? Anyway, here are my best / favourite (not necessarily the same thing) photos that I have taken this year. It’s a bit overloaded, but I suppose that comes with a year of going to Borneo and buying a load of new camera equipment… you can see more fruits of my camera-based labour over on my flickr page as well. Click on the images below to enlarge!


2 thoughts on “Best pics of 2013”

    1. Thanks Ted, that’s greatly appreciated! That particular photo was achieved with much difficulty, using a telephoto rather than my macro lens as I couldn’t get off the boardwalk to get closer to the lantern bugs… it took much straining to get the flash onto them and get both in focus! I really enjoyed looking through your ‘best of’ selection as well, and the tiger beetle shot of yours was actually my favourite…

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