All-new fancy excuses

One of the laws of being rubbish at blogging is that pretty much every other post has to be a pitiful set of excuses about why you’ve not posted anything recently, and that you’ll get back to it soon, for serious this time you guys, etc.

Except that, this time, I’m not doing that. You know why? Because my excuses are AWESOME.

Try this one on for size: I got married.

Photo by all-round awesome guy Harrison Reid
Photo by all-round awesome guy Harrison Reid


And then, after that, I went on honeymoon. To Borneo. For 3 weeks.

It was THE BEST.

I’m planning (hah!) to do a few posts on my trip, but for now I’ll leave you with a few photos from the first national park we stayed in, Sarawak’s rather amazing Bako NP.

I’m pretty glad I invested in a new camera before going away – it was an incredible place to visit.

As for now, I’m gearing up to head off to Lisbon for ESEB 2013 – my poster is waiting to be printed, so now I just have to send begging emails to really smart people in the hope that I can get them to stand near me and I can gain knowledge from them via osmosis (or talking to them, whichever feels less weird at the time).


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