Cicada frenzy!

Across the globe, entomologists and general bug-fans are getting very excited, as Brood II of the 17-year cicada prepares to explode into the outside world, seeing daylight for the first time since burrowing into the soil back in 1996. Over at his ‘Biodiversity in Focus’ blog, Morgan Jackson details how these noisy insects manage to time their emergence so accurately (some might say it’s due to cicada-ian rhythms, RIGHT? RIGHT? Ahhhh).

Just as well-timed, Samuel Orr of Motionkicker has released a short video that summarises the life-cycle of these incredible bugs. This is linked below, and it’s fantastic, but it’s just a taste of what might come; he’s looking to raise money to create an hour-long documentary that really details the various different broods of cicadas across the world. His Kickstarter page is a real lesson in how to try to raise funds in this fashion: the video showcases what he can do, and there is a detailed run-down of where any money would go in this project. Plus, you get stuff for your money! So, if you enjoy the video, you should head on over and send Samuel some cash, so that he can document these little guys before we have to wait another 17 years…


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