My dirty mammal secret

Anyone who knows me, or follows me on twitter, will be aware that I continue to fight a losing battle against the mainstream and its hideous mammal bias. The joy I felt when I found a twitter account named ‘Mammals Suck‘! The despair when it turned out to be a pun, because the person running it is Harvard assistant professor Katie Hinde, who studies MILK. She’s the worst*.

But I have a secret weakness, and that weakness is for otters. Now there is an otter living in the river outside my flat.

Just look at this guy.

IMG_1431_edit2 (Large)

Enjoying a little swim in the snow.

IMG_1251_bc (Large)

After it bounded past the tree, it just rolled about in the snow for a while, having an awesome time.

IMG_1269_edit (Large)

At least I have a trump card to play when it comes time to put the flat on the market…


IMG_1193_edit (Large)

Let us never speak of this again.

*Of course, Katie is actually awesome. Just check out this video of her ‘Harvard Thinks Big’ talk.


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