Interview on the Career 100 podcast

I was interviewed recently for an episode of the Career 100 podcast, part of the College Funding Resource. The podcast is aimed at people trying to decide on a college course, and introduces them to various different careers. I was given the task of covering ‘biologist’, which – as you are probably aware – is a bit of a catch-all term that is difficult to negotiate in a half-hour interview! Hopefully I managed to make clear the breadth of different careers within the domain of biology, while making it clear I can only really advocate for the evolutionary sphere (and I feel like I’m only occupying a very tiny niche within that anyway!).

Anyway – it was a very fun interview to do, and if you want to hear me rambling at greater length than I get to do on Breaking Bio (although let’s face it, that is definitely for the best), you can find it here.

Plus I even got my own fancy little podcast cover art!




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