Goodbye to #stabbycockdagger

Stabbycockdagger is BACK, but in a new location! Go here:


Due to reasons too numerous and boring to go into, I had deleted this post, but now I have decided that I don’t care about those reasons, so the post is back. But somewhere else. You should go and read it. But maybe you want to read something else instead? Or AS WELL? Why not try this post on beetle sex: ‘horny decisions, sneaky f**kers, and the importance of balls‘?

If you’re set on some other stabbycockdagger action, then head on over to the Breaking Bio website to find some of our podcasts…  Episode 10 features Nik Tatarnic talking about traumatic insemination in plant bugs, while Episode 11 is an interview with Prof Mike Siva-Jothy, whose research involves work on some very stabby bedbugs. You can also get the Breaking Bio podcasts on iTunes.


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